HP printer offline error troubleshooting

HP printer offline error and troubleshooting

HP printer provides versatile printing quality which makes it popular among its users. Sometimes it shows a technical error which annoys its users. Especially when its users have to complete their target but sudden their printer get offline it delays their work. So if such situation occurs then users tension how to fix it. First of all, you need to detect the problem of error, it might be loose cable or network connection error. In case you find yourself unable to fix it then simply ring HP printer tech support number and from the technical support team to fix it. If you are in hurry then you can try the given solution of HP printer offline error.
How to fix HP printer offline error?
Before following the steps make sure that cables are connected properly with printer and it has power on. If you have network printer then make sure there is the network connection.
Step 1.
To check printers setup on your computer open new Windows. Click on the “start” button of Windows and select the option “Control Panel.” Again select “Hardware and Sound” and click to “Device and Printer.”
Step 2.
Search the printer which is offline and you have to bring it online. Select the printer and double-click to open it. When new Window will open then click on the “Printer” from the menu bar and scroll down to “Connect.”
Step 3.
If the printer is still not working then turn off both devices computer and printer. Now turn on the printer and let it go through startup procedure. When the printer gets ready to print then turn on the computer.
Step 4.
After following the steps your printer is still offline the remove printer from the printers from the window and again try to install it.
Hope after reinstallation of printer issue of the offline printer will shoot out. If again your problem remains same then dial HP printer technical support number 24 × 7 hours because service of tech support is always available. On the call, HP printer customer will get proper guidance to dissolve their printer technical error.

HP Printer Customer Support Number

HP Printer Customer Support Phone Number

HP printer was launched by Hewlett-Packard an American company in 1984 which had bound with IBM computers. Due to its business deal, HP earns every year royalty on every seal of IBM computer. Well, the first printer of this company was LaserJet and Inkjet and both printers had a feature to print for desktop only. The Quality of HP printers are too good and perform awesome printing. Either users want to purchase printers for official purpose or home HP has all option at an affordable price.
If you want to buy HP printer there you have many options. Simple printer to multifunctional printers, home printers, business printers, printer deals, Inkjet printers and Laser printers are available in affordable range. Customers can choose any printer which they feel best for their work. HP printer has provided a number of tech support team to provide a solution to any technical issue with the printer through HP printer customer support number.

What is the importance of HP printer tech support team?
As we experience that nothing is perfect same as HP printer also has some defaults. Sometimes its cause technical errors or problem which users cannot fix by themselves there tech support team is required. Below we have discussed issues of HP printer which get a fix by tech support team.
·        When issue occur to install HP printers
·        When HP printer doesn’t print
·        Blur printing with light ink print on the paper
·        When printer stopped to work
·        Paper stuck in HP printer
·        Cartridge doesn’t get recognized by printer
·        Printer unable to get printing command
·        Horizontal lines show in printing paper
·        Printer print light words or image
·        Users face error to delete printing history from printer
·        HP Printer shows an error code on its display.
·        Printer get offline suddenly
These are technical problems which can be fixed with the help of tech support team within a short time because tech support team has trained technicians to dissolve all issues related to HP printer issues. Whenever HP printer customer required the help of tech support team they can ask tech support team through HP printertechnical support number 24 × 7 hours.

HP printer offline error troubleshooting

HP printer offline error and troubleshooting HP printer provides versatile printing quality which makes it popular among its us...